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Daniel Davidson


(John Muir Award)

Kinloch Rannoch

When we arrived there we got a tour round then we went cycling round rannoch. It was 21 miles and we had a few breaks. When we were half way round Lauren Wilson tried to over take Sam and then she lost balance and she hurt her face. We had to stay in single file. When we got back to the building we had some lunch and we then wad some free time.

Our dinner was some very watery pasta or some macaroni. We then had some gingerbread with ice cream. We then were allowed to watch TV and talk to people. We went to bed 10:30. IN the middle of the night jack fell out of the top bunk on to the floor.

When we woke up in the morning we had to tidy up our stuff and pick up our trash. Our class got put into 2 groups. One group did the gorge walking first and the other did the team building first. I had to do gorge walking first. We had to go to a local school to get our equipment then we went to the place we were gorge walking.  We got changed into our wetsuits and we walked down to the water. It was freezing at first but it was ok when we were in the water. Gorge walking was very fun and it was an enjoyable experience.
When we got out the water then got changed and went back to the house. WE then went to do some team building games and it was fun. WE went back to the school and got picked up by the busses or buy our parents.

BY Danny Davidson


My Scotland Home