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Iain Farrell


I was born and went to university in Scotland. The time in between and since has taken me away but Glasgow is still the place I've lived in longer than any other and because it was such an influential time in my life it holds many emotions and memories for me.

My most recent Scotland was the one that beckoned me and my brand new motorcycle to its twisty roads in an unusually warm September last year. It was the week of my birthday, I'd just bought a new beast of a motorcycle and had worn myself out putting 400 or so miles on it so I could get it serviced before I journeyed north. After 2 days riding before I even set off on my trip from London it was the drizzle, rainbows and waving tourists as I crossed the border that made it all worthwhile.

My trip through Perthshire and back again via Glasgow was fantastic. I met lots of friendly folk on the way offering shelter from the occasional heavy rain and at one point a great many cows herded about me as I sat nervously in the middle of a remote road unconvinced by the claims of the farmer;

"They won't touch you ..." he shouted from the safety of his Land Rover.

The overwhelming memories come from that last day of proper Scottish riding. Knowing that in truth the weather had let me down my birthday served up something a bit special for me.

The rain cleared and my girlfriend's Dad and I set out on our bikes to see some of the best roads in the country in dry(ish) conditions. The twisties I took back were breathtaking. They treated me to huge hillside houses, highland cattle, groups of small birds flying alongside me and a sea plane all topped off with a fine lunch of smoked salmon and ginger beer. 

My Scotland is a place my bike and I could happily get lost in.

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My Scotland Home