My Scotland Home




Hello Scotland, 
I have travelled to your bonnie shores all of seven times and enjoyed every trip. Travelling with a small suitcase and a backpack on a limited budget was quite a feat for a granny in her sixties.

Each time I went I tried to visit a part of Scotland I had never seen before and have many memories from various places. Cannot write them all here.

I always took Canada pins with me and gave them to anyone interested.  One day when standing on a corner in Couper-Angus I struck up a conversation with two lads on bikes who were skipping school that day.  They called my pins “traders” and asked lots of questions about “Kan-A-da”.   I thought after that that maybe a person should approach a school and maybe talk to the children in person as these boys were really interested.

Jimmy MacDonald the mail man for Glen Lyon, was our favorite. We picked up medicine at the chemists and delivered it along the route as well as the mail. He gave us a wonderful historic tour of the Glen from his mail van. We went up and back with him and enjoyed hot tea in the Fortingall Hotel while waiting for pickup then a hair-raising ride back to catch the bus. Great!!

The most horrid time I had was in Banff on a Sunday waiting for a bus with no toilet facilities available. This is the hardest part about travelling in Scotland.

I enjoyed sitting in the Museum Light House Restaurant in Fraserburgh looking out to the North Sea on a rainy day.  We were rain soaked and so glad to get in and have a good warm cup of something hot and a bite to eat.  Made it to the Isle of Skye to see the fairy flag.

My favorite stopping place in Perth was the coffee shop at the railway station as the scones were great! The Fair City of Perth became our home berth on a couple of occasions as the busses travel to all points from there so day trips are great. We would have liked to have stayed longer in Inverness. We took a taxi out to Culloden as time was short to make connections with the bus. Culloden is a lonely, lonely spot. Rest their souls.  Cromrie and Calendar are worth a good visit.

Beautiful Kinloch-Rannoch and Glen Lyon are my two favorite spots. However my people come from there (Stewarts and McKerchers) so I am inclined to lean that way.

Pitlochry is beautiful and have stayed there on at least five occasions. I love up in the hills. I met some wonderful folks who were members of the Clan Robertson and they took me up through the mountains and up as many glens as they could possibly find. I owe them  tremendously for my wonderful memories of the country in a eighty mile circle around Pitlochry and their wonderful hospitality to me. (Mr. & Mrs. Walters)
Moulin is worth a visit, I walked up around there it was lovely.

 I also found Argyll very intriguing with the Lamont and Campbell history there.  I have attended the Lamont Gatherings on different occasions and went through the Campbell castle.
Met a dog called Gus.  Gus met us on the path leading up to Toward Castle in Argyll, he was a short haired border collie type. He stayed with us the whole time, had his picture taken and was just a loveable mut. His collar tags stated he belonged to a farm near by.

The lowland is lovely as well. I never saw so many rainbows as in Scotland. Would love to go just one more time.   Sincerely Jean Watson,
Nova Scotia, Canada.


My Scotland Home