My Scotland Home



Kieran McWhirter


(John Muir Award)


When we went to Rannoch with the school we done cycling and team building. When we done the cycling we done it around the loch. It was 21 miles long and very tiring. We had lunch about half way then after lunch we set off again.
When we got back we had a little rest then we done team building. It was a game of mine field when you have to get
Your team across a stretch of grass without touching the ground.

After the team building we had dinner and it was very nice then we had a walk up Craig Varr it was hard because I had a sore leg. Once I done it I sat down and had a rest. Then we had a camp fire and roasted marshmallows.

The next day we got up early and made the table for breakfast. After breakfast we got in the mini bus and went to Breadalbane High School to get the wet suits. Then we went to go gorge walking. Once we got there we got into our wet suits and got in the water. It was cold and I swore that my hands got frost bitten. After the gorge walking we got dry and changed into our spare clothes.

When we got back we packed and put our bags in the mini bus and then I played football with Cameron.

Once it was time to go we put the ball away and got in the minibus and started to go home I got dropped of at my front door because we were passing anyway.       


My Scotland Home