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Matthew Gordon


(John Muir Award)

Pitlochry High School went to Kinloch Rannoch  to do the John Muir Award. We did all sorts of activities like gorge walking, bike rides and a small hike up the hill behined the centre and we had a little camp fire and made smors and had a great time. First bus ride was fun and every one was glad to walk about rather sit so we got there and the sun was shining and the 1x were playing team building and we went in and plonked our bags on the sofas and walked out side to waited for our bikes and we waited for a few minutes and then headed off to the loch. It was still very warm and there was a cold breeze that came of the loch we stopped at first just to collect some people that fell behind the rest of the group  and we carried on over bumps down hills and so on. Then we would stop every so often and we stopped off at the beach and had lunch and set off again into the hills we hit a really big hill some got off to pushed their bikes up but I didn’t. When we got to the top of it we had a rest and waited for the rest to follow then a long journey back but eventually we got to the centre. Then we waited for a while till the rest arrived. Then we watched TV then put our bags in the rooms then did our diaries then had dinner. It was not the nicest because I found a hiat in my tea which put me off my tea then had my apple crumble it wasn’t very nice but don’t tell my teacher Mrs Stark. Then we went a walk up the hill behind the centre. It was not exciting but it was funny when we got back we had a bonfire and made some smors they were very nice. When we were finished we went to our rooms and don’t tell the teacher I sunk some choc chip cookies and a drink of iren bru and finished it all before bed and before super and before we went to eat smors. Then I was knackered From the cycling and walk we went to bed. We couldn’t sleep none of us could. My whole cabin wasn’t able to sleep but eventually we did. Then we woke up early then tidied up my cabin and my bed then got all my clothes sorted and then got dressed and went to pack my packed lunch and set off gorge walking and we got on the bus and set off along the hills and then got to Breadalbane School and get our wet suits and then set off again to get changed. The suits were really hard to put on. We were told what to not do and what to do then we went in the water and paddled in the water just to get used to it and then we set off down the river we came to a jump. Some jumped in then some stepped in. I passed I didn’t know what I would do but then I seen a opportunity do do something. I was there, then jumped in. It was so cold and then we swam on a shore then we came across a slide that we could go down. It was fun but then I was suffering the cold. In again. It was freezing my feet still. Then we got to the last bit. There was a big drop down. There was a waterfall. We got to go behind it. It was so cold, colder than in the other bits but it was a great sight to see. We had to walk back after. We drove back to the centre then did team building. It was fun then we set off home.

The end of the story                              By Matthew Gordon                              

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