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Robin Hull


After forty years practicing medicine in Warwickshire, and teaching it around the world, I retired to my mother‘s country, to write, fish, garden and study natural history. After settling in Perthshire I became involved in developing community-owned land near Schiehallion called, from its 1800’ mini-mountain, Dún Coillich. These 1100 acres comprised montane-moorland, marsh and woodland drained by substantial burns and are steeped in history from geological, through archaeological to modern times. My task was to research and write this history (Ravens over the Hill 2004; Perth & Kinross Libraries). I also contributed to a detailed inventory of the species living on Dún Coillich.
Focussing from Scotland’s generality onto the  microcosm of Dún Coillich proved fascinating and enhanced my love of Scotland‘s diversity.

My Scotland Home