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Ross Steel


(John Muir Award)




We wnet  to Rannoch  to do gorge walking  and cycled around the loch and did team building first. I was cycling but I did not cycle, instead  I went for a walk around Rannoch  and went to the shop to get food for dinner. Then boom lunch I put up a tent.  Then I went back with 1X. Then I came back the next day with Mrs Johnstone.  I did team building first. The game was about blind sheep and you had a shepherd. The shepherd had to guide the sheep to a pen with noises.  Then in the afternoon we did gorge walking we had to put on a wetsuit and life jacket then we set off on the walk.  Up the gorge we leaped into the water and swam to the other side of the water. Then we had to go down a rope and jump in it was cold to start but got warm then we went under the water fall.

Later we went home on the red mini bus. Later we got back to the school and went home.         


By Ross Steel s1 1ya                             

My Scotland Home