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Sandra Cameron


(John Muir Award)

On Tuesday the 3rd May 2011 S1X went to Rannoch for the night and some activities.
When we got there we got bikes sorted and then we set off.  It was really sunny and it got nice and warm.  We did about 11 miles then had lunch and had to make some land art like the stuff Andy Goldsmith does.  Then we did the last 10 miles but not long into the ride Sam and Lauren W had a fall.  Lauren and Abigail went back in the minibus whilst everyone else did the rest.  It was a fun but tiring 21 mile cycle.
After dinner we all went down to the park and had a game of rounders which was fun and we had some laughs.  I felt happy because I was with my friends having a good time.
When we came back from rounders we had a camp fire and made smores.  I lost my camera so when we went inside there was about 6 of us looking about the place for it and in the end we found it under the couch where Dylan and Nathan had said it wasn’t.  We all got supper and went to bed but Cristian got caught in our dorm. (Rhianna, Amy, Shannon and me in dorm 4).  So we didn’t risk going upstairs or for the boys to come down but we did get told off because we were all awake and being loud at 11.20pm.  We shut up and went to sleep because we were all thinking that we don’t want the door to open until we get to sleep.

Wednesday 4th May 2011 dorm 4 (us) had to set the table for breakfast and was late.  After breakfast we got ready for gorge walking and team building but while we were Cristian got caught in our room again.
We had to go to Aberfeldy to get the wetsuits for gorge walking and we got changed at the water but I got the wrong one so had to swap with Caitlin and it was still too small so I tied the arms round my waist.

After having a check to make sure our life jackets are on and tight we headed for the water.  We had to climb down a grass banking to get to the water and then cross stones.  The first bit was a jump but Lauren W and Caitlin did not want to do it so they went away.  We did 3 jumps, 2 slides and some climbing.  There was a dead deer that smelled but you could smell it before you could see it.  The stones were really slippy and when you were on a rock then going into the water you sometimes dropped deeper than you expected.  When you are jumping in you had to bend your knees and hold on to your life jacket.  When you hit the water you went under for a second then you came back up but it is hard to breathe because it’s so cold and hard to swim.
After the gorge walking we had our lunch then went back to the house to do some team games.  After that we went back to school and got our bikes.   


My Scotland Home