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I thought it would be interesting to read what people think about Scotland. There are so many views that could be fascinating. Some people have been born and bred in Scotland. Some have moved to Scotland. Some have ancestors who came from Scotland but they now live far away in the USA or Canada or Australia or New Zealand to name but a few. Some may have been born in Scotland but have moved to England or elsewhere to find work. Some may have moved to Scotland from England. Some may have come to Scotland on holiday or even only have read about it or seen it on television but they can still have an interesting view about Scotland.

I would like to put together all these interesting views, one page per person. I would like to invite you to write something of any length from 100 words upwards -

It is hoped that the site will be of educational value and pupils taking the John Muir Award or Duke of Edinburgh Award are encouraged to use My Scotland to share their experiences of the Awards.

There is a gallery of scenic pictures to which you may like to contribute.

Accounts should be true and not offensive, other than that, the blank page is your oyster. Become a published author and email your contribution to

I'm sure that the more written accounts there are, the more fascinating will the word picture become.

If you wish to mention a small business such as a B & B or tearoom that you run and put a web-link and/or email address that is fine - it's very much part of social history. Ideally I would like My-Scotland to become a kind of social history.

Guidelines for your email to

1) Say whether or not you want your name to be displayed and give your rough location (Town or City or County or State or Country - there is a map showing roughly where people have written) It will be more interesting to know who wrote the pieces, but if you don't want to put your name only your rough location will be displayed.

2) Say whether you want your email address to be displayed. I anticipate that many people would not want their email address displayed but there are reasons why you might -

a) You might have a small business and want people to get in touch.

b) You might be researching your family tree and be requesting information.

c) You might be happy to get in touch with people who have shared your enjoyment of a favourite part of Scotland.

3) Be factually accurate.

4) The more people contribute accounts of what Scotland means to them, the more interesting will the site become. It would help this end if you forwarded a pdf file describing what 'My-Scotland' is about to anyone you think might be interested. To download the My-Scotland pdf file click here.

In anticipation, thanks for taking the time and trouble to write something, Richard Paul

Views expressed are those of the individual authors and not those of 'My Scotland'

Map of authors  
Author (Surname order) Location at time of writing
Pat Barrow Millom, Lake District
Sandra Cameron Pitlochry High School
Daniel Davidson Pitlochry High School
Iain Farrell London
Matthew Gordon Pitlochry High School
Robin Hull Highland Perthshire
Charles Jones Shetland
Glaswegian Lass Lancashire
Kieran McWhirter Pitlochry High School
Richard Paul Highland Perthshire, Scotland
John Robson Rugby
Lesla Soulsby Perth, Australia
Ross Steel Pitlochry High School
Jack Walker Pitlochry High School
Jean Watson Nova Scotia, Canada
Sandra Winter Highland Perthshire
Tim Winter Highland Perthshire